Fight against PDAF scam continues

By Kareen panoril

Students and teachers of the University of the Philippines (UP) Cebu participated another activity that expressed a more united call to abolish the pork barrel that was scored last September 29.

Dubbed as an inter-faith rally against the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), the activity was participated by different sectors – peasants, youth, workers, urban poor, women, fisher folks, businessmen, academe and religious organizations.

Around 10,000 individuals marched the streets from Osmena Blvd. to the Plaza Independencia,  Photo from: Marviana Garvoso

Around 10,000 individuals marched the streets from Osmena Blvd. to the Plaza Independencia.
Photo from: Marviana Garvoso

Participants marched from Fuente Osmeῆa to Plaza Independencia with the UP National Service Training Program (NSTP) students, League of Filipino Students (LFS), Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante (NKE) and the UP student council.

The protest was unlike the past activities because every sector was given a two-minute speech to fill in the statement that goes, “kung wala pa kawata ang dyis bilyones nga pork barrel, magamit unta kini sa…. (If the ten billion pesos from pork barrel was not stolen, it could have been used to…)”

Kabataan Partylist National Coordinator Angelica Marcelino said that the rally was well-represented unlike the Million People March.

“Aside from the fact that you are angry about pork barrel and your for abolition, you also need to get the side of the different sectors who are most affected by the pork barrel scam,” said Marcelino.

National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) John Lord Escatron admitted that it was hard convincing students to attend the activity.

“The most difficult challenge was urging students to participate in the activities; making them understand how they are affected by the issue, and how their participation will give a huge impact,” said Escatron.


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